1. What is InvertUP?

InvertuUP is the first early stage  fund enlisted in a National Stock Exchange in Latam . We are funding early stage startups through a coaching and due dilligence process that will take place in Parque Tec (www.parquetec.org) a Seed Accelerator located in San Jose Costa Rica  

2. How much can I invest?

The minimum investment Ticket  is $25,000. 

3. What are the benefits for investors?

By investing in a portfolio, risk is minimized because the succesful startups will compensate for those that will eventually fail. This investment model has been proved worldwide.

It brings together a group of investors/mentors  interacting with the portfolio, which in turn helps to foster and enhance  each startup and therefore improves the results of the fund. 

Exit strategy is improved  by the incorporation of the Fund to the National Stock Exchange 

The fund can receive investment either  from institutional or individual  investors  . 

New startups will be continuesly added to the portfolio.

Startup failure rate  is minimized because of  the due diligence and coaching that Parque Tec provides, through a detailed and proven methodology. 

Investor funds are allocated within strictly transparency and  Governance policy required by the National Stock Exchange , 

4. If I have a startup how can I get financing?

Present your business idea through Parque Tec website: www.parquetec.org 

5. What are the requirements and processes my startup must do to be part of InvertUP?

Contact us through mlebendiker@parquetec.org    

6. Is there a confidential agreement? How do I know you will not steal my idea?

InvertUP invests only in startups that have been selected by Parque Tec. So confidental agreements can be sign throuhg Parque Tec 

7. Will InvertUP invest in  different companies working on the same idea?

Usually not, but the decision will take place at Parque Tec through the  due dilligence process.